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Why HealthConnect

HealthConnect is an impact driven social initiative offering a mobile platform that connects people that care, to people who need care in Africa. Through direct and fully transparent peer-to-peer contributions, we are working towards access to basichealthcare for all. Good health, drives wealth, allowing for a longer and more prosperous life where this and future generations can reach their full potential.

Today, our services are as important as ever as many people are excluded from vital medical services. Conventional aid often fails to reach those who are forgotten,live in the most remote areas or urban slums. Also, significant parts of the money could get lost in the process. COVID-19 has made matter worse, highlighting furtherwhy the health system needs to change. We believe HealthConnect has a vital role to play by delivering transparency and building trust through advances in digital health.

The mobile phone empowering solidarity payments

Africa is number one in mobile payments in the world, with even people in the lowest income groups well-connected. Not through state-of-the-art smartphones, but with simple feature phones. It is all about having a simcard, a personal phone number, a unique identifier. As mobile technology has enabled efficient pooling of financing at a low cost, it also allows for scaling of insurance covers as well as providing data to improve healthcare outcomes. Since its inception at the end of 2017, HealthConnect has enabled financial support to be directly transferred to a health insurance cover for the entire family on the mobile phones of thousands of heads of households in Kenya.

HealthConnect works together in Kenya with M-Tiba, the mobile platform that connects payers, patients and providers of healthcare and enables people to save and pay for medical treatment at clinics, simply through their mobile. The system is secure and transparent. Every single cent of the money is used to pay for the healthinsurance cover, providing the beneficiary with a range of healthcare benefits and the donor clear insights about where the money goes and what it is spent on.


HealthConnect offers a mobile platform to encourage social responsibility through corporate brands, empowering employees, customers, and partners to make an impact where it matters – directly on the lives of real people. Our white label proposition enables partners to execute effective peer-to-peer campaigns through the platform to their own choice, with full transparency about all transactions and results. We have forged strong relationships with everyone from multinational companies like AstraZeneca to like-minded platforms like Littlebitz. For this year, allcampaigns have ended and will be reviewed to have a maximum impact next year, when we will be looking for others to join us.

Through HealthConnect and its partners, more than 35,000 men, women, and children received access to health care through mobile health insurance.

“This health insurance improves the quality of care for mother and child”

Felix Ombeng (34), Clinical Officer
Felix Ombeng (34), Clinical Officer
“Earlier, the women had to pay out of pocket. But now they are covered so they don’t have to worry about financial implications, so this gives them peace of mind. Thanks to this, more women are now coming to our clinic for antenatal and postnatal care.”


  • Could you tell me more about the mobile health wallet?
  • The mobile phone is one of the biggest social equalisers on the African continent. In Kenya for example, mobile health platform M-TIBA provides access to better healthcare by connecting Kenyans to clinics and healthcare funders through a mobile health wallet. This enables people to receive insurance and funds, to save and pay for medical treatment – and medical treatment only – at clinics, directly trough their mobile phone. Currently, almost 800,000 Kenyans use the health wallet for basic care, such as mother/child care, HIV/Aids, small surgeries and treatment for common diseases.

    The HealthConnect technology interfaces directly with mobile health platforms such as M-TIBA.

    More information: www.m-tiba.org.
  • Are projects and partners independently verified?
  • HealthConnect is an initiative of the Dutch PharmAccess Group Foundation, a recognised organisation with over 15 years of experience in healthcare improvement in Africa. All partners and fundraising projects will be reviewed and approved by PharmAccess.
  • How can I help?
    • Become a partner: we are always looking for like-minded companies and organisations that share our vision. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.
    • Set up your own peer-to-peer fundraising programme: please contact us to see how the HealthConnect technology can provide a transparent platform for your cause.
    • Donate directly: HealthConnect is regularly involved in new campaigns. Check out our latest campaigns and contribute directly to someone’s future.

HealthConnect is an initiative of the Dutch PharmAccess Group Foundation, a recognised organisation with over 15 years of experience in healthcare improvement in Africa. The initiatives are structurally supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery.

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